refer patient

Thank you for wanting to refer us one of your patients.

To insure a timely referral and to allow us to provide you with adequate feedback, it would be helpful to receive in a letter the following information:

  • Medical and ocular history,
  • Past history of ocular disease, past treatments.
  • Provide us with a copy of the recent laboratory test results that may be of relevance to the case
  • Ocular imagery and/or radiology that may apply. If possible add some of the older imaging, as it may be useful to understand the evolution of the case.
  • Let us also know what you expect from us: a second opinion and advice, co-management or whether you would you like for us to provide medical as well as surgical care for your patient.

You can load this information onto our site prior to the patient’s appointment.

The link below will give you a personalized secure access to transmit confidential information.

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